iUteurki is Modern landscapes on electric guitar, soulful rhythms and rocking post punk energy.

Engaging lyrics in the American tradition.  

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Gregg Weiss

Vocal – Guitar

“Plusieurs Vies, Plusieurs Projets, Plusieurs Envies, Plusieurs Aventures”

Gregg began his professional music life in NYC in the 90’s.

Interdisciplinary from the start, and well placed given the culture that grows out of that town. He’s toured extensively in the USA and Europe DIY, playing primarily for audiences that seek out original songwriter music that blends the traditional with the modern.


Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Side Player and Producer with an ever evolving output of material, distinctly cross genre in nature.

Projets Personnels

Non Pop

The Ballad of Jose Indigo

Lonesome Wally

Tildon Krautz

With Dango Rose, Jason Dilg and Evan Reeves

Husbands and Wives

Gregg Weiss duo

Comme Producteur Artistique

Youna: Comme si j’y croyais

The Dad Horse Experience:  I Am A Stranger Here Below

Eating Meatballs On A Bloodstained Mattress In A Huggy Bear Motel 

Kenneth Minor: Living Room Sessions

Bleu Charrette: On With The Show

Thibaud Pfender

Drums – Keyboard – Vocal

Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer with a range of musical interests not limited by genre.


Since his beginnings participating with diverse projects (L’Orchestre de Musiquenvie, Chorale du college Ducos du Huron et du lycée Palissy, Steel Drum Orchestra, plus numerous Pop groupes similarly diverse in styles (Rock / Blues / Pop / Moroccan Reggae/ Country / Bluegrass…).


He is also a Luthier and has built his own guitars and basses. One of his guitars, a Red Semi-Hollow Telecaster is used on iUTEURKi’s Two Sides Sessions recordings.

He’s played major festival stages and earned competitive titles for young groups in France ((le florida, le tarnetgarock, le grand pruneaux show etc…)


In 2009 Thibaud met Gregg and worked with him in the Gregg’s first French group “Gregg Weiss et Ses Amis”. In 2019 Thibaud was hired to be the second drummer and multi-instrumental position in Tildon Krautz for their last recording and touring project with Boris Williams (The Cure) on Drums.


When Tildon Krautz dissolved at the start of 2020, Thibaud and Gregg decided to continue together and iUTEURKi was formed.

Paul Gonet

Bass – Lap Steel – Vocal

Multi-Instrumentalist with an inexhaustive appetite for music in all it’s forms.


Starting in the 80’s on prestigious stages throughout France and in the studio with numerous projects, (Tucson LaNoche,(XIXA) Marc Minelli, Tom Walbanks, Jake LaBotz,  Hot Gang, Arcahuetas  …)  Paul’s sound permeates the roots of the Rock/Punk movement of Bordeaux during this musical explosion. 


In 1990 along with other members of this same community, he was instrumental in the creation of the Rock School Barbey. After more than 30 year this institution continues to be at the heart of Bordeaux youth musical culture.  Paul was the first guitar teacher (a position he held for 10 years).

In 2010 he founded The Guitar Addict Music Experience (G.A.M.E.)

A lover of experimental music, he has also composed for theater and was a member of the group d-zAkord.


Co-founder of the group Wood Dog House with the songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Julianne Joe. This vibrant group were pioneers in French influenced American Old Time Music at a time when the only other cultural references were the film “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” and Dueling Banjos from “Deliverance”.

It was thru this project that Gregg and Paul met, when Gregg came to Langoiran with his project Tildon Krautz in 2012.


This turned into a connection, which in 2021 came to bear fruit in the form of iUTEURKi.